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This module provides tools for installing `Node.js`_ and managing
packages using `npm`_.

.. note: the ``simplejson`` module is required on Python 2.5

.. _Node.js:
.. _npm:

from __future__ import with_statement

    import json
except ImportError:
    import simplejson as json

from fabric.api import cd, hide, run, settings

from fabtools.system import cpus, distrib_family
from fabtools.utils import run_as_root


[docs]def install_from_source(version=DEFAULT_VERSION): """ Install Node JS from source. :: import fabtools # Install Node.js fabtools.nodejs.install_nodejs() .. note:: This function may not work for old versions of Node.js. """ from fabtools.require.deb import packages as require_deb_packages from fabtools.require.rpm import packages as require_rpm_packages from fabtools.require import file as require_file family = distrib_family() if family == 'debian': require_deb_packages([ 'build-essential', 'libssl-dev', 'python', ]) elif family == 'redhat': require_rpm_packages([ 'gcc', 'gcc-c++', 'make', 'openssl-devel', 'python', ]) filename = 'node-v%s.tar.gz' % version foldername = filename[0:-7] require_file(url='' % { 'version': version, 'filename': filename, }) run('tar -xzf %s' % filename) with cd(foldername): run('./configure') run('make -j%d' % (cpus() + 1)) run_as_root('make install') run('rm -rf %(filename)s %(foldername)s' % locals())
[docs]def version(): """ Get the version of Node.js currently installed. Returns ``None`` if it is not installed. """ with settings(hide('running', 'stdout', 'warnings'), warn_only=True): res = run('/usr/local/bin/node --version') if res.failed: return None else: return res[1:]
[docs]def install_package(package, version=None, local=False): """ Install a Node.js package. If *local* is ``True``, the package will be installed locally. :: import fabtools # Install package globally fabtools.nodejs.install_package('express') # Install package locally fabtools.nodejs.install_package('underscore', local=False) """ if version: package += '@%s' % version if local: run('/usr/local/bin/npm install -l %s' % package) else: run_as_root('HOME=/root /usr/local/bin/npm install -g %s' % package)
[docs]def install_dependencies(): """ Install Node.js package dependencies. This function calls ``npm install``, which will locally install all packages specified as dependencies in the ``package.json`` file found in the current directory. :: from fabric.api import cd from fabtools import nodejs with cd('/path/to/nodejsapp/'): nodejs.install_dependencies() """ run('/usr/local/bin/npm install')
[docs]def package_version(package, local=False): """ Get the installed version of a Node.js package. Returns ``None``is the package is not installed. If *local* is ``True``, returns the version of the locally installed package. """ options = ['--json true', '--silent'] if local: options.append('-l') else: options.append('-g') options = ' '.join(options) with hide('running', 'stdout'): res = run('/usr/local/bin/npm list %s' % options) dependencies = json.loads(res)['dependencies'] pkg_data = dependencies.get(package) if pkg_data: return pkg_data['version'] else: return None
[docs]def update_package(package, local=False): """ Update a Node.js package. If *local* is ``True``, the package will be updated locally. """ if local: run('/usr/local/bin/npm update -l %s' % package) else: run_as_root('HOME=/root /usr/local/bin/npm update -g %s' % package)
[docs]def uninstall_package(package, version=None, local=False): """ Uninstall a Node.js package. If *local* is ``True``, the package will be uninstalled locally. :: import fabtools # Uninstall package globally fabtools.nodejs.uninstall_package('express') # Uninstall package locally fabtools.nodejs.uninstall_package('underscore', local=False) """ if version: package += '@%s' % version if local: run('/usr/local/bin/npm uninstall -l %s' % package) else: run_as_root('HOME=/root /usr/local/bin/npm uninstall -g %s' % package)

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