Source code for fabtools.postgres

PostgreSQL users and databases

This module provides tools for creating PostgreSQL users and databases.

from __future__ import with_statement

from fabric.api import cd, hide, settings, sudo

def _run_as_pg(command):
    Run command as 'postgres' user
    with cd('/var/lib/postgresql'):
        return sudo('sudo -u postgres %s' % command)

[docs]def user_exists(name): """ Check if a PostgreSQL user exists. """ with settings(hide('running', 'stdout', 'stderr', 'warnings'), warn_only=True): res = _run_as_pg('''psql -t -A -c "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM pg_user WHERE usename = '%(name)s';"''' % locals()) return (res == "1")
[docs]def create_user(name, password, superuser=False, createdb=False, createrole=False, inherit=True, login=True, connection_limit=None, encrypted_password=False): """ Create a PostgreSQL user. Example:: import fabtools # Create DB user if it does not exist if not fabtools.postgres.user_exists('dbuser'): fabtools.postgres.create_user('dbuser', password='somerandomstring') # Create DB user with custom options fabtools.postgres.create_user('dbuser2', password='s3cr3t', createdb=True, createrole=True, connection_limit=20) """ options = [ 'SUPERUSER' if superuser else 'NOSUPERUSER', 'CREATEDB' if createdb else 'NOCREATEDB', 'CREATEROLE' if createrole else 'NOCREATEROLE', 'INHERIT' if inherit else 'NOINHERIT', 'LOGIN' if login else 'NOLOGIN', ] if connection_limit is not None: options.append('CONNECTION LIMIT %d' % connection_limit) password_type = 'ENCRYPTED' if encrypted_password else 'UNENCRYPTED' options.append("%s PASSWORD '%s'" % (password_type, password)) options = ' '.join(options) _run_as_pg('''psql -c "CREATE USER %(name)s %(options)s;"''' % locals())
[docs]def database_exists(name): """ Check if a PostgreSQL database exists. """ with settings(hide('running', 'stdout', 'stderr', 'warnings'), warn_only=True): return _run_as_pg('''psql -d %(name)s -c ""''' % locals()).succeeded
[docs]def create_database(name, owner, template='template0', encoding='UTF8', locale='en_US.UTF-8'): """ Create a PostgreSQL database. Example:: import fabtools # Create DB if it does not exist if not fabtools.postgres.database_exists('myapp'): fabtools.postgres.create_database('myapp', owner='dbuser') """ _run_as_pg('''createdb --owner %(owner)s --template %(template)s \ --encoding=%(encoding)s --lc-ctype=%(locale)s \ --lc-collate=%(locale)s %(name)s''' % locals())
def create_schema(name, database, owner=None): """ Create a schema within a database. """ if owner: _run_as_pg('''psql %(database)s -c "CREATE SCHEMA %(name)s AUTHORIZATION %(owner)s"''' % locals()) else: _run_as_pg('''psql %(database)s -c "CREATE SCHEMA %(name)s"''' % locals())

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