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This module provides high-level tools for installing the `apache2 <>`_
web server and managing the configuration of web sites.

from __future__ import with_statement

from fabric.api import (
from fabric.colors import red

from fabtools.apache import disable, enable, _get_config_name
from fabtools.require.deb import package
from fabtools.require.files import template_file
from fabtools.require.service import started as require_started
from fabtools.service import reload as reload_service
from fabtools.utils import run_as_root

[docs]def server(): """ Require apache2 server to be installed and running. :: from fabtools import require require.apache.server() """ package('apache2') require_started('apache2')
[docs]def enabled(config): """ Ensure link to /etc/apache2/sites-available/config exists and reload apache2 configuration if needed. """ enable(config) reload_service('apache2')
[docs]def disabled(config): """ Ensure link to /etc/apache2/sites-available/config doesn't exist and reload apache2 configuration if needed. """ disable(config) reload_service('apache2')
[docs]def site(config_name, template_contents=None, template_source=None, enabled=True, check_config=True, **kwargs): """ Require an apache2 site. You must provide a template for the site configuration, either as a string (*template_contents*) or as the path to a local template file (*template_source*). :: from fabtools import require CONFIG_TPL = ''' <VirtualHost *:%(port)s> ServerName %(hostname})s DocumentRoot %(document_root)s <Directory %(document_root)s> Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews AllowOverride All Order allow,deny allow from all </Directory> </VirtualHost> ''' '', template_contents=CONFIG_TPL, port=80, hostname='', document_root='/var/www/mysite', ) .. seealso:: :py:func:`fabtools.require.files.template_file` """ server() config_filename = '/etc/apache2/sites-available/%s' % _get_config_name(config_name) context = { 'port': 80, } context.update(kwargs) context['config_name'] = config_name template_file(config_filename, template_contents, template_source, context, use_sudo=True) if enabled: enable(config_name) else: disable(config_name) if check_config: with settings(hide('running', 'warnings'), warn_only=True): if run_as_root('apache2ctl configtest').failed: disable(config_name) message = red("Error in %(config_name)s apache site config (disabling for safety)" % locals()) abort(message) reload_service('apache2')

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