Source code for fabtools.require.openvz

OpenVZ containers

This module provides high-level tools for managing OpenVZ_ templates
and containers.

.. _OpenVZ:

.. warning:: The remote host needs a patched kernel with OpenVZ support.

import os

from fabtools import openvz
from fabtools.files import is_file
from fabtools.openvz.container import Container

[docs]def template(name=None, url=None): """ Require an OpenVZ OS template. If the OS template is not installed yet, it will be downloaded from *url* using :py:func:`~fabtools.openvz.download_template()`:: from fabtools import require # Use custom OS template require.openvz.template(url='') If no *url* is provided, :py:func:`~fabtools.openvz.download_template()` will attempt to download the OS template from the ` <>`_ repository:: from fabtools import require # Use OS template from require.openvz.template('debian-6.0-x86_64') """ if name is not None: filename = '%s.tar.gz' % name else: filename = os.path.basename(url) if not is_file(os.path.join('/var/lib/vz/template/cache', filename)): openvz.download_template(name, url)
[docs]def container(name, ostemplate, **kwargs): """ Require an OpenVZ container. If it does not exist, the container will be created using the specified OS template (see :py:func:`fabtools.require.openvz.template()`). Extra args will be passed to :py:func:`fabtools.openvz.create()`:: from fabtools import require require.openvz.container('foo', 'debian', ipadd='') This function returns a :py:class:`fabtools.openvz.Container` object, that can be used to perform further operations:: from fabtools.require.openvz import container ct = container('foo', 'debian') ct.set('ipadd', '') ct.start() ct.exec2('hostname') This function can also be used as a context manager:: from fabtools.require.openvz import container with container('foo', 'debian') as ct: ct.set('ipadd', '') ct.start() ct.exec2('hostname') """ if not openvz.exists(name): ctid = openvz.get_available_ctid() openvz.create(ctid, ostemplate=ostemplate, **kwargs) openvz.set(ctid, name=name) return Container(name)

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