Source code for fabtools.require.postgres

PostgreSQL users and databases
from __future__ import with_statement

from fabric.api import cd, hide, run, settings
from fabtools.files import is_file, watch
from fabtools.postgres import (
from fabtools.require.deb import package
from fabtools.require.service import started, restarted
from fabtools.require.system import locale as require_locale

def _service_name(version=None):

    if is_file('/etc/init.d/postgresql'):
        return 'postgresql'

    if version and is_file('/etc/init.d/postgresql-%s' % version):
        return 'postgresql-%s' % version

    with cd('/etc/init.d'):
        with settings(hide('running', 'stdout')):
            return run('ls postgresql-*').splitlines()[0]

[docs]def server(version=None): """ Require a PostgreSQL server to be installed and running. :: from fabtools import require require.postgres.server() """ if version: pkg_name = 'postgresql-%s' % version else: pkg_name = 'postgresql' package(pkg_name) started(_service_name(version))
[docs]def user(name, password, superuser=False, createdb=False, createrole=False, inherit=True, login=True, connection_limit=None, encrypted_password=False): """ Require the existence of a PostgreSQL user. The password and options provided will only be applied when creating a new user (existing users will *not* be modified). :: from fabtools import require require.postgres.user('dbuser', password='somerandomstring') require.postgres.user('dbuser2', password='s3cr3t', createdb=True, create_role=True, connection_limit=20) """ if not user_exists(name): create_user(name, password, superuser, createdb, createrole, inherit, login, connection_limit, encrypted_password)
[docs]def database(name, owner, template='template0', encoding='UTF8', locale='en_US.UTF-8'): """ Require a PostgreSQL database. :: from fabtools import require require.postgres.database('myapp', owner='dbuser') """ if not database_exists(name): with watch('/etc/locale.gen') as locales: require_locale(locale) if locales.changed: restarted(_service_name()) create_database(name, owner, template=template, encoding=encoding, locale=locale)

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