Source code for fabtools.require.python

Python environments and packages

This module includes tools for using `virtual environments`_
and installing packages using `pip`_.

.. _virtual environments:
.. _pip:

import posixpath

from fabric.api import run, sudo

from fabtools.files import is_file
from fabtools.python import (
from fabtools.python_distribute import (
from fabtools.system import distrib_family


[docs]def distribute(use_python='python'): """ Require `distribute`_ to be installed. .. _distribute: """ from fabtools.require.deb import packages as require_deb_packages from fabtools.require.rpm import packages as require_rpm_packages family = distrib_family() if family == 'debian': require_deb_packages([ 'curl', 'python-dev', ]) elif family == 'redhat': require_rpm_packages([ 'curl', 'python-devel', ]) if not is_distribute_installed(use_python=use_python): install_distribute(use_python=use_python)
[docs]def pip(version=None, use_python='python'): """ Require `pip`_ to be installed. """ distribute(use_python=use_python) if not is_pip_installed(version, use_python=use_python): install_pip(use_python=use_python)
[docs]def package(pkg_name, url=None, use_python='python', **kwargs): """ Require a Python package. If the package is not installed, it will be installed using the `pip installer`_. :: from fabtools.python import virtualenv from fabtools import require # Install package system-wide require.python.package('foo', use_sudo=True) # Install package in an existing virtual environment with virtualenv('/path/to/venv'): require.python.package('bar') .. _pip installer: """ pip(DEFAULT_PIP_VERSION, use_python=use_python) if not is_installed(pkg_name, use_python): install(url or pkg_name, use_python=use_python, **kwargs)
[docs]def packages(pkg_list, use_python='python', **kwargs): """ Require several Python packages. """ pip(DEFAULT_PIP_VERSION, use_python=use_python) pkg_list = [pkg for pkg in pkg_list if not is_installed(pkg, use_python=use_python)] if pkg_list: install(pkg_list, use_python=use_python, **kwargs)
[docs]def requirements(filename, use_python='python', **kwargs): """ Require Python packages from a pip `requirements file`_. .. _requirements file: """ pip(DEFAULT_PIP_VERSION, use_python=use_python) install_requirements(filename, use_python=use_python, **kwargs)
[docs]def virtualenv(directory, system_site_packages=False, python=None, use_sudo=False, user=None, clear=False, prompt=None, use_python='python'): """ Require a Python `virtual environment`_. :: from fabtools import require require.python.virtualenv('/path/to/venv') .. _virtual environment: """ package('virtualenv', use_sudo=True, use_python=use_python) if not is_file(posixpath.join(directory, 'bin', 'python')): options = ['--quiet'] if system_site_packages: options.append('--system-site-packages') if python: options.append('--python=%s' % python) if clear: options.append('--clear') if prompt: options.append('--prompt="%s"' % prompt) options = ' '.join(options) command = 'virtualenv %(options)s "%(directory)s"' % locals() if use_sudo: sudo(command, user=user) else: run(command)

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