Source code for fabtools.require.redis


This module provides high-level tools for managing `Redis`_ instances.

.. _Redis:

from __future__ import with_statement

from fabric.api import cd, run, settings

from fabtools.files import is_file, watch
from fabtools.system import distrib_family
from fabtools.utils import run_as_root
import fabtools.supervisor

VERSION = '2.6.14'


[docs]def installed_from_source(version=VERSION): """ Require Redis to be installed from source. The compiled binaries will be installed in ``/opt/redis-{version}/``. """ from fabtools.require import directory as require_directory from fabtools.require import file as require_file from fabtools.require import user as require_user from fabtools.require.deb import packages as require_deb_packages from fabtools.require.rpm import packages as require_rpm_packages family = distrib_family() if family == 'debian': require_deb_packages([ 'build-essential', ]) elif family == 'redhat': require_rpm_packages([ 'gcc', 'make', ]) require_user('redis', home='/var/lib/redis', system=True) require_directory('/var/lib/redis', owner='redis', use_sudo=True) dest_dir = '/opt/redis-%(version)s' % locals() require_directory(dest_dir, use_sudo=True, owner='redis') if not is_file('%(dest_dir)s/redis-server' % locals()): with cd('/tmp'): # Download and unpack the tarball tarball = 'redis-%(version)s.tar.gz' % locals() url = '' + tarball require_file(tarball, url=url) run('tar xzf %(tarball)s' % locals()) # Compile and install binaries with cd('redis-%(version)s' % locals()): run('make') for filename in BINARIES: run_as_root('cp -pf src/%(filename)s %(dest_dir)s/' % locals()) run_as_root('chown redis: %(dest_dir)s/%(filename)s' % locals())
[docs]def instance(name, version=VERSION, **kwargs): """ Require a Redis instance to be running. The instance will be managed using supervisord, as a process named ``redis_{name}``, running as the ``redis`` user. :: from fabtools import require from fabtools.supervisor import process_status require.redis.installed_from_source() require.redis.instance('db1', port='6379') require.redis.instance('db2', port='6380') print process_status('redis_db1') print process_status('redis_db2') .. seealso:: :ref:`supervisor_module` and :ref:`require_supervisor_module` """ from fabtools.require import directory as require_directory from fabtools.require import file as require_file from fabtools.require.supervisor import process as require_process from fabtools.require.system import sysctl as require_sysctl installed_from_source(version) require_directory('/etc/redis', use_sudo=True, owner='redis') require_directory('/var/db/redis', use_sudo=True, owner='redis') require_directory('/var/log/redis', use_sudo=True, owner='redis') # Required for background saving with settings(warn_only=True): require_sysctl('vm.overcommit_memory', '1') # Set default parameters params = {} params.update(kwargs) params.setdefault('bind', '') params.setdefault('port', '6379') params.setdefault('logfile', '/var/log/redis/redis-%(name)s.log' % locals()) params.setdefault('loglevel', 'verbose') params.setdefault('dir', '/var/db/redis') params.setdefault('dbfilename', 'redis-%(name)s-dump.rdb' % locals()) params.setdefault('save', ['900 1', '300 10', '60 10000']) # Build config file from parameters # (keys such as 'save' may result in multiple config lines) lines = [] for key, value in sorted(params.items()): if isinstance(value, list): for elem in value: lines.append("%s %s" % (key, elem)) else: lines.append("%s %s" % (key, value)) redis_server = '/opt/redis-%(version)s/redis-server' % locals() config_filename = '/etc/redis/%(name)s.conf' % locals() # Upload config file with watch(config_filename, use_sudo=True) as config: require_file(config_filename, contents='\n'.join(lines), use_sudo=True, owner='redis') # Use supervisord to manage process process_name = 'redis_%s' % name require_process( process_name, user='redis', directory='/var/run', command="%(redis_server)s %(config_filename)s" % locals(), ) # Restart if needed if config.changed: fabtools.supervisor.restart_process(process_name)

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