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System services

This module provides high-level tools for managing system services.
The underlying operations use the ``service`` command, allowing to
support both `upstart`_ services and traditional SysV-style
``/etc/init.d/`` scripts.

.. _upstart:


from fabtools.service import is_running, restart, start, stop

[docs]def started(service): """ Require a service to be started. :: from fabtools import require require.service.started('foo') """ if not is_running(service): start(service)
[docs]def stopped(service): """ Require a service to be stopped. :: from fabtools import require require.service.stopped('foo') """ if is_running(service): stop(service)
[docs]def restarted(service): """ Require a service to be restarted. :: from fabtools import require require.service.restarted('foo') """ if is_running(service): restart(service) else: start(service)
__all__ = ['started', 'stopped', 'restarted']

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