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Supervisor processes

This module provides high-level tools for managing long-running
processes using `supervisor`_.

.. _supervisor:

from __future__ import with_statement

from fabtools.files import watch
from fabtools.supervisor import update_config, process_status, start_process
from fabtools.system import distrib_family

[docs]def process(name, **kwargs): """ Require a supervisor process to be running. Keyword arguments will be used to build the program configuration file. Some useful arguments are: - ``command``: complete command including arguments (**required**) - ``directory``: absolute path to the working directory - ``user``: run the process as this user - ``stdout_logfile``: absolute path to the log file You should refer to the `supervisor documentation`_ for the complete list of allowed arguments. .. note:: the default values for the following arguments differs from the ``supervisor`` defaults: - ``autorestart``: defaults to ``true`` - ``redirect_stderr``: defaults to ``true`` Example:: from fabtools import require require.supervisor.process('myapp', command='/path/to/venv/bin/myapp --config production.ini --someflag', directory='/path/to/working/dir', user='alice', stdout_logfile='/path/to/logs/myapp.log', ) .. _supervisor documentation: """ from fabtools.require import file as require_file from fabtools.require.deb import package as require_deb_package from fabtools.require.rpm import package as require_rpm_package from fabtools.require.service import started as require_started family = distrib_family() if family == 'debian': require_deb_package('supervisor') require_started('supervisor') elif family == 'redhat': require_rpm_package('supervisor') require_started('supervisord') # Set default parameters params = {} params.update(kwargs) params.setdefault('autorestart', 'true') params.setdefault('redirect_stderr', 'true') # Build config file from parameters lines = [] lines.append('[program:%(name)s]' % locals()) for key, value in sorted(params.items()): lines.append("%s=%s" % (key, value)) # Upload config file if family == 'debian': filename = '/etc/supervisor/conf.d/%(name)s.conf' % locals() elif family == 'redhat': filename = '/etc/supervisord.d/%(name)s.ini' % locals() with watch(filename, callback=update_config, use_sudo=True): require_file(filename, contents='\n'.join(lines), use_sudo=True) # Start the process if needed if process_status(name) == 'STOPPED': start_process(name)

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