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System settings
from __future__ import with_statement

from re import escape

from fabric.api import warn, shell_env
from fabric.contrib.files import append, uncomment

from fabtools.files import is_file, watch
from fabtools.system import (
    distrib_family, distrib_id,
    get_hostname, set_hostname,
    get_sysctl, set_sysctl,
from fabtools.utils import run_as_root

[docs]def sysctl(key, value, persist=True): """ Require a kernel parameter to have a specific value. """ if get_sysctl(key) != value: set_sysctl(key, value) if persist: from fabtools.require import file as require_file filename = '/etc/sysctl.d/60-%s.conf' % key with watch(filename, use_sudo=True) as config: require_file(filename, contents='%(key)s = %(value)s\n' % locals(), use_sudo=True) if config.changed: if distrib_family() == 'debian': run_as_root('service procps start')
[docs]def hostname(name): """ Require the hostname to have a specific value. """ if get_hostname() != name: set_hostname(name)
[docs]def locales(names): """ Require the list of locales to be available. """ config_file = '/var/lib/locales/supported.d/local' if not is_file(config_file): config_file = '/etc/locale.gen' # Regenerate locales if config file changes with watch(config_file, use_sudo=True) as config: # Add valid locale names to the config file supported = dict(supported_locales()) for name in names: if name in supported: charset = supported[name] locale = "%s %s" % (name, charset) with shell_env(): uncomment(config_file, escape(locale), use_sudo=True) append(config_file, locale, use_sudo=True, partial=True) else: warn('Unsupported locale name "%s"' % name) if config.changed: if distrib_id() == "Archlinux": run_as_root('locale-gen') else: run_as_root('dpkg-reconfigure --frontend=noninteractive locales')
[docs]def locale(name): """ Require the locale to be available. """ locales([name])
[docs]def default_locale(name): """ Require the locale to be the default. """ from fabtools.require import file as require_file # Ensure the locale is available locale(name) # Make it the default contents = 'LANG="%s"\n' % name if distrib_id() == "Archlinux": config_file = '/etc/locale.conf' else: config_file = '/etc/default/locale' require_file(config_file, contents, use_sudo=True)

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