Source code for fabtools.cron

Cron tasks

This module provides tools to manage periodic tasks using cron.

from __future__ import with_statement

[docs]def add_task(name, timespec, user, command, environment=None): """ Add a cron task. The *command* will be run as *user* periodically. You can use any valid `crontab(5)`_ *timespec*, including the ``@hourly``, ``@daily``, ``@weekly``, ``@monthly`` and ``@yearly`` shortcuts. You can also provide an optional dictionary of environment variables that should be set when running the periodic command. Examples:: from fabtools.cron import add_task # Run every month add_task('cleanup', '@monthly', 'alice', '/home/alice/bin/') # Run every tuesday and friday at 5:30am add_task('reindex', '30 5 * * 2,4', 'bob', '/home/bob/bin/') .. _crontab(5): """ if environment is None: environment = {} lines = [] # Write optional environment variables first for key, value in environment.iteritems(): lines.append('%(key)s=%(value)s\n' % locals()) # Write the main crontab line lines.append('%(timespec)s %(user)s %(command)s\n' % locals()) from fabtools.require.files import file as require_file require_file( path='/etc/cron.d/%(name)s' % locals(), contents=''.join(lines), owner='root', mode='0644', use_sudo=True, )
[docs]def add_daily(name, user, command, environment=None): """ Shortcut to add a daily cron task. Example:: import fabtools # Run every day fabtools.cron.add_daily('backup', 'root', '/usr/local/bin/') """ add_task(name, '@daily', user, command, environment)